Tres Magus

The Great Three…

Tres Magus is the ruling faction in Seattle. The Cabal of three Mages have managed to wrestle control of the city from all the other various factions and beasts lurking in the darkest places to rule the city from the tallest tower, the Seattle Space Needle.

Rumor abounds that the Tres Magus wrestled control of the city from a cult of some kind, by means of a grand ritual the three conducted.

Currently, they control a number of businesses around the city and run a Chantry called Tectum Astrum which, while welcome to all, does not have a Node.

At least not one known of, in any event. Quintessence is, after all, a valuable commodity.


Erebus is the leader of the three, having originally founded the Cabal. He is known for being cold to others, particularly those outside of the Order of Hermes.
Those who cross Erebus best beware, though it is few and far between that people cross him, nowadays.

Rumor has it that Erebus is a Master of Spirit, and was instrumental in taking control of the city for the Tres Magus


Talos is the structure of the tree, having been the one to command most of the business within Seattle and, rumor has it, founded the Chantry that was made a public meet and greet for the local Mage populous.
In addition, Talos has gone through great lengths to keep the city of Seattle clear of the majority of Technocratic incursion.

Rumor has it that Talos is a Master of Correspondence, and keeps the city safe from external scrying, particularly from the enemies of the Council.


Minos is the genius of the three, having been the one to write and lead the enactment of ‘the Great Ritual’ that was what, supposedly, allowed the Tres Magus to wrest control from the city.
Not too much is known about Minos, as he typically seems somewhat introverted or shy. A typical bookworm type, Minos spends most of his time studying and researching for his next big ritual, in the off chance the Tres Megus needs further arcane might.

Rumor has it that Minos is a Master of Entropy, though given his specialty in studying various arcane subjects, the chances are he is a Master of a few more Spheres, as well.

Tres Magus

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