Tectum Astrum

The Roof of the Stars…

Tectum Astrum is the only recognized Chantry in Seattle, and the only place where a strict code of conduct is expected and enforced.

The Chantry is governed by the Tres Magus Cabal, and a fierce retribution is taken against any Mage found to be breaking the expected rules.

1. Thou Shalt Not Scry.

It is a basic expectation that Mages will respect one another’s privacy, especially within the confines of Tectum Astrum. Any Mage found to be using Magic against another Mage within this sacred local is to be asked to leave immediately. Repeated breach of this law will result in the Mage being told not to return.
Continuing to scry from outside of Tectum Astrum after these two warnings will result in forfeiture of the Mages life.

2. Thou Shalt Not Smite.

Violence is strictly not to be tolerated within the confines of Tectum Astrum, except in the case of an officially recognized Certámen. Any Mage found assaulting another Mage outside of this one exception will be slain instantly.

3. Thou Shalt Not Refute the Consensus of a Certámen.

A Certámen can be called to settle any and every dispute between Mages, though calling for one is generally frowned upon, except for important or dire situations.. though even then, a Mage who calls for a Certámen too frequently risks being ostracized from society.
Once a winner of a Certámen is found, the issue that the Certámen was called over is dropped and can not be brought up again. Any Mage found to be unsatisfied with the outcome of a Certámen who is unable to keep it to themselves will be asked to leave Tectum Astrum.

4. Thou Shalt Respect thy Fellow Mages.

No one gets along all of the time, but petty disputes and issues are not to be taken within the walls of Tectum Astrum. This is a guideline, more than a hard rule and as such, it is unusual that any punishment is met out against an offending Mage.

Tectum Astrum

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