There are nine (or possibly ten) spheres that are the various concepts that Mage use to distinguish types of Magic, as a way of studying and categorizing Magic into distinct disciplines.


Mastery and control of space and distance, offering the ability to twist, bend, and splice places and locations, to cause various effects. In addition, Correspondence is required to be able to use any other Sphere at a distance beyond what you can physically perceive.

1: Immediate Spatial Perceptions

As it sounds, you can preceive other Patterns around yourself, determining the exact distance from point A (you) to point B (basically anything else). When combined with other Spheres, you can determine the distance to things from where you are such as a specific creature or person (Life) or a source of Magic (Prime).

2: Sense Space/Touch Space

3: Pierce Space, Seal Gate, Co-Locate Perceptions

4: Rend Space, Co-Locate Self

5: Mutate Localities, Co-Locate Space




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