Downtown Core

The central area of Seattle, surrounding the central Space Needle. It’s an array of trendy coffee shops and other tourist traps, including the EMP Museum and a few kitschy occult shops with little to no real value to them.

Space Needle

Basically, a large gift shop with an overpriced restaurant on top that allows for a great view of the city, this tourist trap holds a hidden level above, used for the Enlightened Community to gather and converse free from the Sleepers. The Space Needle’s upper floor, known as Tectum Astrum or the roof of the stars, is a Chantry that is maintained by the Tres Magus Cabal.

Five-Point’s Cafe

A coffee shop on the outskirts of the Downtown Core, but certainly still in the core. Five-Point’s is a gathering place for Orphaned Mages, run by a loose affiliation of local Hollowers. This Coffee Shop functions as a sort of relaxed gathering environment for the Enlightened Community, though Sleepers do attend as well. A back room is made available however for discreet conversations, for those looking for a less formal or oppressive environment (read: Tectum Astrum.)
Despite being run by a group of Hollowers, this is not an officially recognized Chantry and, as far as the Mage Community as a whole is concerned, is not governed at all.

Pike Place Market

This marketplace is a veritable maze of shops and buildings built one on top of the other into a labyrinth that digs into the earth. Rumor has it, in some of the deeper levels, the Marketplace digs straight through the Gauntlet and into some sort of Spirit Marketplace… Though rumors abound that it isn’t, in fact, spirits that creep around in those deep halls but something else.


Right outside of the Pike Place Market (somewhat tragic irony there, perhaps) this Aquarium is built into the Harbor and houses a number of exotic creatures both imported and natural, including a large and impressive Shark exhibit.

East-Side Slums

The East Side of down is a rough and dangerous area where houses begin to become run down and sparse. A lot of the district is beginning to become overgrown and reclaimed by nature, following the economic collapse of most of the USA.
Most sane individuals don’t travel into this area of town, and those that do tend to not last long around there. Rumors abound of Spirits leaking through the Gauntlet and into our world to run about unchecked.

Madrona Park

Once upon a time, it was a well maintained park but, despite the best efforts of the Sleepers, nature has continued to reclaim this space. Despite it’s closeness to the once populated East-Side, various animals have begun to creep back into the ‘wilds’.

Rizal Park

On the south end of East-Side, this ‘Park’ is also becoming a true forest, as nature continues it’s incursion into the city. Unfortunately, there is little police force in the area to maintain any sort of rule, and so Spirits have again begun to creep in through the weakening Gauntlet.


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