Technocratic Union

The Technocracy

Also knows as the Order of Reason, the Technocratic Union (offocially) and the slang Technocracy (singular Technocrat) is an order of Magen currently at war with the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions.
The Technocracy was formed in the Dark Ages as a response to the corruption that many Mages were succumbing to (iif you can summon an army of demons to help take over a Kingdom, you do…aand when something asks if you are a god, you say yes damnit).
They began to War against Mages and recognised early on that the opinion of Sleepers as to the validity of Magic hampered or helped it’s working. So the Order of Reason began a campaign to eliminate magic from the minds of Sleepers by making technology and science available to all.
…aat their discression of course.

Within a relatively short time, magic had receded from the world and all the once plentiful mythic creatures retreated into Paradox or Horizon realms.

Since then however the Technocratic Union has marched on, having decided that Magic and all who weil it (not them of course, they use “Enlightened Science”) are dangerous “reality deviants” and must be stamped out or converted.

This push to finally wipe out Magic once and for all is known as the Ascension War and like it or not every Mage has become a solder….

Technocratic Union

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