metaphysical trinity

Metaphysical Trinity

The Metaphysical Trinity is the theory held by many, if not all, Mages that the universe is governed by three forces. Chaos, Order, and Entropy. When held in balance the universe runs smoothly as it’s supposed to, but many forces seek to upset the delicate balance…


Chaos is not necessary a negative force. It’s the side of the Metaphysical Trinity representing the creation of new…everything. All existence springs from Chaos, but without Order or Entropy the universe breaks down into a chaotic, undulating mass of writhing and wriggling flames.
Or some other series of descriptive words.

This part of the Metaphysical Trinity out of balance is represented by Marauders


Order gives Form to Chaos. Without these two forces, no Pattern’s could exist. Order binds the pure creative force of Chaos into shapes and things, forming laws and reason in reality.

Some would argue that Order is the post important factor in the Trinity, but without the balance the world becomes a cold and lifeless place void of creativity, advancement, or change.

This part of the Trinity out of balance is represented by the Technocratic Union.

metaphysical trinity

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