Council of Nine Mystic Traditions

Phenomenal Cosmic Power…

The Council of Nine are the Mages who seek to preserve the idea of Magic and stand for Balance. The Council of Nine are organized into Nine Traditions (plus a tenth, because why not?) and are primarily at war with the Technocracy for the direction of the world’s paradigm and the ultimate goal, Ascension.
These traditions are as follows…

Akashic Brotherhood (Masters of Mind)

Celestial Chorus (Masters of Prime)

Cult of Ecstasy (Masters of Time)

Dreamspeakers (Masters of Spirit)

Euthanatos (Masters of Entropy)

Death Mages. They master the forces of death and destruction to send patterns back into the place that they spring from, culling sources of weakness and disease, corruption and misery.
They are strong believers in Death and Reincarnation, and among their number are counted thanatotic cultists, necromancers, priests of fate, assassins, and healers.

Order of Hermes (Masters of Forces)

Sons of Ether (Masters or Matter)

Verbena (Masters of Life)

Virtual Adepts (Masters of Correspondence)

Council of Nine Mystic Traditions

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